Lowongan BUMN PT Metranet (Telkom Group)

PT Multimedia Nusantara (“Metra”) is a holding company which is a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (“Telkom”), positioned by Telkom to expand the business in the telco’s adjacent industries.

Metra established in 1997 as an operating company, started its main business on the pay TV industry (pay TV). Once fully acquired by Telkom in May 2003, Metra enter switch-based prepaid card business as well as VOIP and later, in 2005 began to develop satellite data communication services business using very small aperture terminal (VSAT).

In 2008, Metra’s effort to transform the management structure of the operating company into a holding company, so the management of satellite data communications services (VSAT) are placed on a strategic business unit (SBU) with the title Metrasat.

In a short time Metrasat has managed to build up to more than 1,500 points in the territory of Indonesia. MetraSat also has managed to build some point in foreign countries for its commitment to customers.


  • Education: D3, S1
  • Experience: Fresh Graduate Department of Economics in Accounting (preferably from reputable universities)
  • Gender: Male / Female
  • Age: Max. 24 years old
  • Family Status: Not Married

Job Description:

  1. Tracking & monitoring the performance of work units and administrative documents in the unit
  2. Performance Management & Corporate Reporting (1 Year Contract)

Special Qualification:

  • Understand the basic level Financial Statement (Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Income Statement)
  • Accustomed to running Microsoft Excel for data processing (pivot, lookup)
  • Can create presentation materials using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Attention to details
  • Having a character Influence & Steadiness (DISC Assessment)

…………………..Submit CV (at mitranet dot com)


  1. Anonim

    pa da lowongan bagi saya
    saya tamatan D3
    manajemen informatika
    umur saya :23
    mhon dbls ea
    soal y
    lg btuh ni

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