Lowongan BUMN PTPN XII (Persero)

PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero), abbreviated PTPN XII, formed based on PP No.17 of 1996, dated February 14, 1996. Companies that status as a State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) is a merger of the gardens in East Java from ex XXIII PTP, PTP PTP XXVI and XXIX.

PTP Nusantara XII (Persero) seeking commodity coffee robusta / arabica, edel cocoa / bulk, rubber and tea and horticulture. planted in the concession area of ​​83090.81 ha. Robusta coffee crop acreage area of ​​14049.91 ha, ha 6594.55 arabica coffee, cocoa edel 9875.38, 7603.78 ha bulk cocoa, rubber 14943.40 ha, tea and horticulture 2573.03 4143.44 ha area. PTPN XII PTPN is the only commodity that develop on a wide scale arabica coffee grown in the highlands of Ijen in East Java.

We invite potential workers are persistent, tenacious willing to work hard, dare to face challenges, highly motivated and have integrity, to join the PTP Nusantara XII (Persero) which has a working area in East Java, with an educational background as follows:

  • S1 Agricultural various majors (Code: TAN)
  • S1 Agricultural Technology (Code: TTP)
  • S1 Forestry Program Forest Management (Code: HUT)
  • S1 Study Program of Energy Conversion Mechanical Engineering (MES)
  • S1 Industrial Engineering Program (IND)
  • S1 Mechanical Engineering Study Program Electrical Power Lines (Elk)
  • S1 S1 Economic Accounting Department (Code: AKT)
  • S1 Economic Management Department (Code: MNJ)
  • S1 preferred concentration of Agrarian Law (Code: HKM)


  1. Indonesian citizen, age maximum 30 years on January 1, 2012
  2. GPA minimum 2.75 (PTN) and 3.00 (PTS)
  3. Willing to be placed around the working area of ​​the company
  4. Preferably have relevant work experience in the field of the proposed
  5. To Code: AKT preferably have completed Accounting Profession Program
  6. Due to the nature of work performed, it takes a male
  7. Never been convicted of committing a crime (indicated by the Certificate of Police)
  8. Never dismissed without honor from the agency ata government or private legal entity.

Send the application along with photocopies of diplomas and transcripts S1 (legalized), recent 4×6 passport photo 1 sheet (write name behind each photo), Curriculum Vitae equipped phone number / cell phone easily be reached, photocopy of valid ID Card, Police Notes , Health Certificate and Certificate of No Color Blind of Physicians, addressed to:

Jl.Jend.Urip Sumoharjo No.100, Yogyakarta-55222
Telp (0274) 586201

Mention Code majors in a letter of application and on the left of the envelope cover. Applications received by the Committee no later than July 4, 2011. Did not receive your application file by facsimile or email. Only qualified applicants will be called to follow the selection. Applications become the property of the Committee. During the selection process, accommodation and transportation are not borne by the Committee. Company profile, requirements and test phases can be viewed at the website LPP: http://www.lpp.ac.id

Announcement of participants who are called to follow the Phase I tests can be viewed via the website LPP on 15 July 2011. Phase I tests will take place from July 19, 2011. Announcement of results of tests of each stage can be viewed at the website LPP. The number of participants who are called to take a test tailored to the amount specified quota. The committee’s decision is absolute. The committee does not serve the mailing, sms and phone-related test results.
…………………..Selection Phase | Official announcement
…………………..Download Format in pdf File and Bahasa Indonesia version


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