Lowongan Kerja Bank Danamon

Rekrutmen Bank Danamon Tbk
We Are Proud To Be the Employer of Choice
With experience of more than 20 years as a business partner who promote small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Commercial in Indonesia, SME Banking & Commercial Business Danamon until today remains committed to providing the best products for bank loans (lending) and deposits (funding) .

Through more than 400 branches and ranks of Relationship Officer / Manager who is ready to provide the best service for business people, we are proud to achieve our goal as an Employer of Choice.

Join and open boundless opportunities for you with us as:

SME Relationship Officer Trainee (Code: SME-RO)
Through intensive training program and dedicated, you will learn to be a representative bank in providing the best support for business through marketing loans and deposits.


  • Male and Female, with a minimum age of 22 years and maximum 26 years;
  • S1 Bachelor of Accounting Faculty, Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Civil or Industrial Engineering from the private college / leading domestic;
  • Preferably with minimum 1 year experience in the field of sales and marketing;
  • Have a detailed business analysis capabilities and deep;
  • Flexible in communicating and having an extensive network of connections;
  • Highly motivated and able to work individually and in teams;
  • Willing to commitment to the terms and conditions of the Program.

Registration closed on August 31, 2011.



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