Lowongan Kerja Bank Indonesia 2011

Lowongan Kerja Bank BI. Bank Indonesia is one institution that plays an important role in developing Indonesia’s economy. Based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 23 of 1999 concerning Bank Indonesia as amended by Act of the Republic of Indonesia No. 6 of 2009, Bank Indonesia continued to oversee and contribute in maintaining monetary stability and promote financial system stability of Indonesia. Bank Indonesia besides that participate in driving the global economy and regional stability.

As an independent state institution, Bank Indonesia has full autonomy in formulating and carrying out any duties and responsibilities as specified in the law. Special status and position which is necessary for Bank Indonesia to carry out the role and function more effectively and efficiently.

Bank Indonesia has one single objective of achieving and maintaining stability in the rupiah. It contains two aspects of the stability of the rupiah against the goods and services reflected in the inflation rate, and also the stability of the rupiah against currencies of other countries which is reflected in the development of exchange ratesruzhjobs

On this occasion, Bank Indonesia has not been an opening position to be filled. However, Bank Indonesia provides the opportunity for any interested participants to submit an application proposal. Thus, if at any time there is a vacancy in the office of Bank Indonesia then referred participants will be invited to participate in the selection process along to meet the specified requirementsruzhjobs

Submission of the application proposal is only done online and for the purpose of Bank Indonesia in cooperation with Jobstreet (www.jobstreet.com). Application proposal submission period open for 1 (one) month, commencing from July 22 till August 21, 2011. Please read instructions carefully before filling with delivering the application proposal.

Only candidates / applicants with the best qualifications (shortlist candidates) to be invited in the selection process of prospective employees of Bank Indonesia acceptance; selection process is free of charge.

  1. saya ingin masuk dan bekerja ditempat anda akan tetapi saya hanya lulusan smu.. bisakah anda menerima saya…????

  2. Anggraini Dwi Kusumawati

    Saya ingin ikut bergabung di perusahaan yang bapak/ibu pimpin. Jika ada kesempatan untuk saya, tolong hubungi saya 0856 9739 9575

  3. Anggraini Dwi Kusumawati

    oiya,,saya lulusan sarjana akuntansi

  4. rediani

    saya, hanya lulusan smk, dan sekarang sedang menjalani kuliah semester 7 jurusan menejemen keuangan. saya ingin bergabung dengan perusahaan bapak/ ibu pimpin. adakah kesempatan bagi saya??????
    klo mungkin bapak / ibu berkenan dan memberi saya kesempatan. saya hanya bisa mencantumkan no tlp saya
    085239972875. atas waktunya saya ucapkan terima kasih.

  5. bayu eka nugraha

    saya lulusan SMU, saya ingin bekerja di tempat bapak / ibu pimpin, dan saya mempunyai pengalaman bekerja d Bank Central Asia.Tbk,saya sedang menjalani perkuliahan S1.trim”s

  6. sherly margaretha S

    saya lulusan SMK, dan memiliki pengalaman bekerja di Fin & acc selama 9 tahun, dan sekarang sedang menjalani masa kuliah….
    saya berharap bisa bergabung dengan perusahaan anda…

    trima kasih

  7. ayu pratiwi

    Bapak /ibu pimpinan bisakah lulusan sma bekerja di bank yang bapak ibu pimpin ?
    Kalau bisa apa saja persyaratanya

  8. Anggun ria wulandani

    Saya lulusan smu.tp saya dapat bekerja dgn baik.saya ingin bergabung di perusahaan bpk/ibu.087888709676.4m

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