Lowongan Garuda Indonesia September 2011; Safety Analyst, Food Beverages Designer

Lowongan Kerja | Garuda Indonesia (Persero) adopted a Human Capital Management approach which perceives employees as assets with high levels of competitiveness. Engaged in the service industry, Garuda Indonesia acknowledges the importance of human resources in creating a strong and sustainable corporate performance.

Therefore, since 2005 the Company has actively redefined its policies and human resources systems in order to be aligned with the Company’s grand strategy and objectives. For Garuda Indonesia, people have always been the main priority. Employees can be viewed as human capital, implying that Garuda Indonesia’s employees have knowledge, skills and potential work habits that can support the Company’s productivity.

In order to become valuable capital with a strong contribution to the organization, every employee has to have a healthy work spirit and hence will be competent enough for the organization.

SAFETY ANALYST Close on: 10 Sept 2011

  1. Identify the problem, set the method of analysis, collect and process data, present reports and recommendations to be used as input for the development of company safety program
  2. Measure and report results of safety, Security & Environment Audit to report to his superiors either regularly or as needed
  3. Updating the manual relating to the Corporate Safety, Security & Environment
  4. Ensuring safety awareness / compliance with aviation safety and aviation standards
  5. Ensure timely implementation of Action Plan
  6. Ensuring the work comply with all applicable corporate management system that is IOSA, and Budget System
  7. Ensure its role as a Single Contributor comply with the Human Capital Management System that the company implemented


  • Male / Female
  • Age Max. 28 yrs
  • Education min. S1 from reputable university majoring in Health Safety (K3)
  • GPA min. 3.00 (scale 4:00)
  • Experienced in the field of K3 min. 2 yrs
  • Adaptable, disciplined, and have integrity
  • Mastering English, oral and written
  • Mastering the use of computers, min. Ms Office and internet

Food & Beverages Designer Close on: 4 Sept 2011

  • Male/Female, Maximum 30 Years
  • Bachelor (D3, D4 or S1) in Food & Beverages from Reputable University, Major in Food Production management, Bakery & Pastry management & F&B management
  • GPA > 2,75
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in the same position
  • Experience in a 5-star hotels, Restaurant or Airline Industry is highly preferred
  • General Computer literate
  • Understand Customer Preference
  • Highly creative, self-motivated, hand worker and should be able to work under pressure and long hours to meet deadline
  • Strong sense of creative, innovative and able to think out of the box
  • Fluent in verbal and written English
  • Good organization, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Cooperative, discipline, and can work as a team

Recruitment PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Held in open / transparent, registration implemented directly without intermediaries, not worn / free of charge and the whole recruitment process implemented using eRecruitment system. If there are parties who committed the offense may be reported to the PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. On telephone number 1038 021-2560 and email: recruitment@garuda-indonesia.com


  1. Dedi Susanto

    Kepada Bapak / Ibu Hrd,,
    saya sangat bersedia sekali untuk bergabung dengan perusahaan Bapak / Ibu Pimpin untuk ditempatkan sebagai Driver di Perusahaan Bapak / Ibu Pimpin/

    Bahwa yang bertanda tangan di bawah ini :

    Nama : Dedi Susanto
    Umur : 30 Tahun
    Tempat Tanggal lahir : Jakarta, 27 Juni 1980
    Bangsa : Indonesia
    No Tlp / HP :021.7666871 / 08994696000
    Tempat Tinggal Sekarang : Jl. Pangkalan Jati II Rt.03/02 No.85 Pangkalan Jati Cinere Depok 16513

    1.Tamatan SD Berijazah
    2.Tamatan SLTP Berijazah
    3.Tamatan SMU Berijazah

    Pengalaman Kerja :

    1. PT. HUchipton Telecomunikasi
    2. PT. Certis

    Demikian daftar riwayat hidup ini saya buat dengan sebenar – benarnya, Sebelumnya saya ucapkan terima kasih

  2. afrizal

    saya bersedia bergabung di tempat bapak/ibu pimpin

  3. dul ’ali

    Masih butuh driver ga?
    Sim B II Umum

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