Lowongan Danone September 2011

We have something special inside, do you?

Danone is a leading multi national company with leading brands in Indonesia. We exclusively focus on healthy products to bring nutrition and economic growth to the developing world, and we give our people the freedom they need to succeed on their own terms, too.

So, what’s stopping you?
Join our DanYouth Program and experience how you can do it your way. The program will prepare you to become Danone future leader by exposing you to various business functions and providing you with skilla needed for your development.

If you are

  • GPA 3,00
  • Highly Involved in Organization Activities
  • English Fluent Verbal & Written
  • Excited to be assigned to Danone sites all over Indonesia

Please drop your recent resume (max 150 kb) or ask any information via Email by click “Apply Job” bellow.
Apply Job – not later than September 20, 2011

  1. muhammad

    pa lowonganya ada yng buwat STM ngga,,,,

  2. a!x

    untuk yang wilayah sum~bar info loker na…. tak ada….????
    kmana para companies na,,,????
    waddd ddduhhh,, urbanisasi t’ulang lagi…….
    Mrantau,,mrantau…. huuhuuuhuu….

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