Lowongan Pertamina Shipping September 2011

Lowongan Kerja Pertamina Shipping. PERTAMINA’s Shipping has been established as Shipping Division in 1959 starting with 2 shallow draft oil tankers purchased by Bare Boat Hire Purchase system (Purchasing by means of hiring purchasing) from PT. Caltex having a weight of 3220 DWT respectively.

Based on Presidential Decree No. 44 Year 1975, dated December 6, 1975 regulates the existence of Shipping and Telecommunication Directorate (Dit P & T).

Afterwards together with Presidential Decree No. 11 Year 1990 dated March 15, 1990, the named changed into Shipping, Port Affairs and Communication and demand of the present period in which the company must increase to be more energetic, the based on Presidential Decree 169/2000 dated December 7, 2000 the abovementioned Directorate change its named into PERTAMINA’s Shipping Department, which is expected in future to be able to act as Strategic Business Unit (SBU) oriented to pure shipping business.

PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) is challenging and looking for qualified and competent seaman as Permanent Employees to be placed onboard Pertamina Tankers with below qualification :

Other Requirements :

  • Must hold STCW certificates for No. 1-6
  • Must graduate from Marine Academy Certificate for No. 1-6
  • Have good knowledge in ISM Code and ISPS Code for No. 1-6
  • Have valid Passport and Seaman Book for No. 1-6
  • Have good records in Discharge Book for No. 1-6
  • Fluent in English (both oral and written)
  • For No. 7, fresh graduates should be max. 27 year old.


  1. Alfen Septian

    Nama : Alfen Septian
    TTL : Serang, 15 September 1989
    Alamat : PCI Blok D 75 No. 3 Cilegon Banten
    Umur : 22 tahun
    Pendidikan terakhir : D3 Kesehatan Lingkungan
    Pengalaman kerja : PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Product sebagai unit SMK-3 di Safety
    No HP : 08562321726
    E-Mail : Alfen_septian@rocketmail.com
    Besar Harapan saya untuk bergabung di perusahaan Bapak / Ibu.

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